About Idextrus

Founded in 2003, Idextrus is a group of super talented and experienced developers, designers and analytics experts who genuinely understand the importance of putting customers first. We've been building web based applications since, well... Netscape 1.0n. In the internet world that is a LONG time.

We've got YEARS of experience in e-commerce and e-business. We have already made the mistakes and have learned from them. We can smooth out the wrinkles and problems that you have and increase your online sales and corporate productivity.

What sets us apart from our competitors is a firm grasp of the internet landscape honed over countless hours and many years in the industry.

We constantly strive to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction and you can see some sample clients and read testimonials on our clients page. One of the ways that we get there is that we are on top of current web trends and standards and apply them in the development of your solutions. What trends and standards you ask? OK, here comes the list of stuff that we excel in (search engine spiders will love this stuff too).

Web 2.0 technologies including standards based HTML5, CSS, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Javascript, Ajax, JSON, jQuery. Server based tools such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP). Mobile Application web development, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Management Systems (CMS), iPhone application development, iPad application development, custom web application development, web design and much more.