The Connect2Parents email system is a hosted service that allows school personnel (teachers, administrators, parent council) to communicate with parents of the students via email without the need to know their email addresses or even without having to learn a new software program. Yes, it's true!

How does it work?

The sender (usually a teacher or administrator) simply assembles an email as they normally would in their preferred email program (Outlook, First Class, etc.) and sends it to a pre-determined email address. For example, if it is a teacher of class 1a, they would send the email to [email protected], where "domainname" is the domain name of the school. The system takes over from there. The sender's personal email address is never shown in the “From” line of the email, and recipients cannot reply to the emails sent from the system. You can even send rich content HTML emails and attachments such as images, Word files, PDF etc.

Is setup easy?

Yes. Through a simple to use back office administration web site, administrators and/or support personnel set up the permissions for users of the system (usually teachers and administrators) and check off which classes are in use for the current school year. That is essentially it. The system is now ready for registrations.

How does Connect2Parents know who to send the email to?

One of the components of Connect2Parents is a registration page as mentioned above. Once the classes are set in the administration web site, parents are given a link to register for classes. They check a box beside the class that their children are in. They can register two people to up to 5 different classes.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for Connect2Parents is a tiered model based upon the size of the student body at a given school. 

Number of Students Monthly cost
up to 200 $29.99
201-300 $39.99
301-400 $49.99
401-500 $59.99
501+ $69.99

Monthly pricing does not include a one-time installation fee. Installation fees are dependent on configuration of domain name and network configurations required to make sure that the system operates hand-in-hand with any existing domain name(s) that may be in use. Please call us for details.

What languages are supported?

Currently Connect2Parents is available in English and French.