Security Audits

The 3 main reasons why you should focus on your security posture.

  • Minimize Damage from Cyberattacks
  • Maintain Customer Trust and Compliance
  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings

Working with Idextrus, we can address all three of these concerns. Firstly, by significantly reducing the likelihood of successful attacks and reducing damage in the unlikely event that one does occur. Secondly, focusing on security posture demonstrates a commitment to protecting sensitive information and ensures compliance with relevant laws, which can enhance customer trust and brand reputation. And thirdly, a proactive approach to security can improve operational efficiency by preventing downtime and disruptions caused by cyberattacks. This can lead to increased productivity and cost savings for the company.

Through our trusted partners, we can scan your public (or private) assets to help you understand where you're vulnerable.

Whether you want to check out your network, scan your website or your applications, we can assist you in mitigating risk. If you require, we can help you achieve PCI compliance as well as provide compliance reporting for cyber insurance purposes.

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Attack Surface Discovery

This service provides a full view of all your exposed assets, including those you may have forgotten about. This discovery service detects all of your public-facing assets, no matter the platform, operating system or network. The result is a map of your attack surface. We then monitor this map for open ports, vulnerable services and inconsistencies in the configuration. Issues that are discovered are priorized so that we know what the next steps are.

Firewall & Website Scanning

Your Firewall has many doorways, waiting for a potential breach. Ports need to be monitored in order to help reduce your attack surface. With Firewall Scanning, risk indicators are assigned to each type of service and those with the greatest risk are prioritized accordingly. Appropriate controls are put into place for all the new services that regularly come online so that they can be scanned as necessary.

Server Scanning

Server misconfigurations and security issues work together to make your business highly susceptible to costly breaches. This service helps you identify known security issues on your perimeter before bad actors do. With a regularly updated vulnerability database we’ll discover open ports, services that are exposed, security patches that are missing and weaknesses in your configuration that put you at risk. We are able to quickly identify vulnerabilities and help you mitigate them quickly.

Application Scanning

We employ Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanning to discover thousands of vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery, and OWASP Top 10 targets. Through our partner we go a step beyond the capabilities of traditional website scanners to help you identify complex vulnerabilities. After finding the typical website flaws, we’ll identify second order vulnerabilities that usually require a seasoned security auditor to detect.

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