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Rooted in History, Focused on the Future

Founded in 2003, Idextrus has continued to evolve and has amassed a wealth of experience throughout the years by working hand-in-hand with our valued clients. Our focus is on providing the correct solution for our clients, regardless of obstacles that may be thrown at us.

The result has been hundreds of projects, each helping our clients through improved conversions, increased revenue and market adoption.

We have become a leader in software application development and secure/highly scalable cloud architecture solutions, and have built a team that is ready to accept any challenge thrown our way.

Some projects we have completed over more than 20 years

Some Of Our Valued Clients

La Tienda
CJR Wholesale Grocers
Dairy Central
Gunther Mele
Rabba Fine Foods

Some Of Our Tech and Development Partners

AWS Cloud Services
Halo Security

What Our Clients Are Saying

When Chris referred a client to us for SEO help, we appreciated it and expected to find a typical mish mash of absent or poorly-executed SEO best practices on their site. We were wrong. The site hummed. It outperformed. We turned over stones and looked in nooks and crannies. After a lot of digging, we found a couple of things that might be improved but no significant gaps. You see, Chris' team at Idextrus built it for the client and they did their absolute best to check every SEO box along the way. That kind of obsessive diligence is rare. What's more rare is when the same people encourage their client to invite an auditor in to see if they missed anything - all for the sake of superior performance and client satisfaction. No ego here, just integrity and business acumen. If you want a site that outperforms too - talk to Chris and the Idextrus team.

Brian O'Grady

Founder & Principal Consultant - Search Warrant Online Marketing, Inc.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Idextrus team delivered us a product that was within budget, on time and exceeded our performance expectations. We now feel that we are set for the next chapter of our business growth and were very pleased with the professionalism, diligence and creativity of the Idextrus team.

Tim Harris

Founder & CEO - La Tienda Inc.

What Our Clients Are Saying

La Tienda and related companies utilize a custom platform, built by Idextrus, that is hosted on AWS. We have been very happy with the performance during peak traffic periods, the ability to 'self-heal' during situations where there were performance issues and the heightened level of security and disaster recovery capability. For the price, we have been happy with the hosting and delivery platform with Idextrus administers and maintains for us. Their superior service and ingenuity, coupled with the AWS backbone has been an ideal combination.

Jonathan Harris

Co-Founder - La Tienda Inc.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I use the Idextrus team for all our third-party software development. I count on their expertise during the design phase and they continually collaborate with me during development. Their responsiveness for support issues has been excellent. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Bill Waddell

Director of IT - The Rabba Group of Companies

What Our Clients Are Saying

Prior to becoming involved with Idextrus, we searched for a partner to work with us on implementing our web-site and related web tools. After meeting several other non-starters, we were introduced to Chris at Idextrus, and our plans began to come together. The Idextrus team have a unique ability to understand complex business logic, quickly slicing and dicing it into web/programming logic, and begins to show results early on in the process. They are up-to-date on industry standards, always analysing options and providing constructive suggestions to the process, and has become a true and valued business partner to Gunther Mele.

Ken Saeckl

VP & Chief Operating Officer - Gunther Mele

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